Although we gained advancement to the last FIRST™ World Championship in St. Louis two years ago in 2017, it was through the lottery system – of which there has been much heated discussion over its legitimacy. However, the prophecy laid out by one of our original members – “WE’RE GOING TO WORLDSSSSS!!!!!!!!” – in our 2014-2015 season been finally, irrefutably fulfilled. None of our sister teams can complain that we only went to worlds because of the lottery now!

Last weekend we were able to gain advancement from our Excelsior Region Championship by being the 1st pick on the Winning Alliance with team captain 5356 Tardis and 2nd pick 7743 Lansing Bobcats. Interesting fact: this is the second time we’ve advanced from our regional tournament by being the 1st pick Winning Alliance partner. It’s like our tournament niche at this point.

It took some last minute heroics by some of team members to secure this position, as our 3D printed collector mechanism was broken by our alliance partner in qualification match 4. A tube of epoxy and many expletives later, our hopes for Inspire were dashed (as if they weren’t before the tournament), but we were set for being chosen by the 1st Alliance Captain and our sister team, 5356 Tardis (a decision which had nothing to do with us being sister teams).

After a two match semi-final win (and a regional high score of 407), we were in the finals against 5484 Enderbots (our other sister team [!]), 8397 Team Beta, and 15054 G.R.R. FTC. Guess what?! Another two match series!

Ba-bam! We’re going to worlds!

Stay tuned for more blog posts on our preparation for worlds (such as our pit setup, which we will inevitably have to redact some un-gracious professional aspect of it).


Wait… We’re Back!

Story Time

Update from ESR.

We were rather disappointed in the way our robot performed during matches at ESR. We had lots of connection and electronic issues (likely static-related), but we were unable to fix them between matches. We were able to solve them at the hotel that night, but it was unfortunately too late to rescue our match performance stats. We walked away with no awards and no advancement, and the question of ‘what did we do wrong?’ And ‘what could we have done differently?’

Now the Good News…

With our spirits low, we returned home and took a break from robotics, agreeing to meet again on Sunday. We had sort of lost hope, as our rank was too low to get us advanced from double-ups and drop-outs. That was… until Wednesday. We received the news that we had been selected from the wait list! We were ecstatic!

“We’re going to worlds!!!!1!!,” We exclaimed

So, needless to say, we were very pleased and have tons of work to do before heading to St. Louis. We’re going to resolve the rest of our connection issues and work out the final few bugs, perfecting our software and making minimal hardware changes.

Hope to see you there and good luck to all the teams that have advanced!

P.S. Super happy for our home region – Excelsior NY, we have four teams going to worlds, and our entire regional winning alliance is going!!!

P.P.S. Congrats to Notre Dame’s FRC Team – Electric Fire, way to go and see you in St. Louis!




Headed off to East Super Regional today, we’re Scranton bound! Pit setup, inspection, and judging today then matches Saturday and Sunday. You can see match results and even watch matches live here.

Enjoy and keep an eye out for us!


Victory at Excelsior, NY Qualifier

We had a great time this weekend at the Excelsior, NY FTC Regional Championship! Thank you to SUNY Polytechnic University for hosting the competition.

Here are our awards and honors:

-Winning Alliance first pick (thank you Geared UP and Java Scouts! Congrats!)

-1st place Control Award

-3rd place Inspire

-3rd place PTC Design Award

Hello world!

Welcome to our brand new website! Our site is now powered by WordPress, so we will be able to make blog posts and more easily update our site to give you accurate information throughout the season.